Alex Collier and the Andromedan Council and Human Liberation - 20211121

Alex Collier and the Andromedan Council and Human Liberation
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Dr Michael Salla interviewing Alex Collier 2021-11-21

Michael: It's my great pleasure to introduce my good friend Alex Collier who has been working in the exopolitics field for thirty years. He began in 1991, sharing his experiences with the Andromedans and really was the first to break ground on so many issues concerning extraterrestrials both positive and negative, and what they've been doing on the planet, so it really is with great pleasure introduce and welcome Alex to exopolitics today.

Alex: Well thank you Michael it's an honour and a privilege for me to be speaking to you, the legend, and I'm so grateful that, you know, we've known each other for many years and I'm amazed we've never done one of these one-on-one, I just--- that totally got away from me.

Michael: Yeah we've done conferences together, we've been on the road together, we never actually did an interview together, so it really has been a long time. You know it really is quite an achievement to be thirty years in this field and to still have enthusiasm for what is happening. So what's your secret?, what how do you keep that kind of enthusiasm and interest and keep sharing what the Andromedans have been telling you about what's happening today?

Alex: Well I mean there have been a lot of times I wanted to walk away, that's not a secret. I think it was you know having been with another race and been in their presence, and then to look back at us and to have them point out to me the potential of all of our humanity and how we have been blocked and sabotaged and manipulated all along the way to keep us in this little box so that this group, this mixed group of beings, could control us and manipulate us and as I began to learn about our genetic history, you know Michael there was just a point where I was just like, you know these s.o.b.s can't win, we just can't allow them to win.

You know I did some lectures starting out on VHS's and it's been an extraordinary journey frankly. You know peaks and valleys and I think what really helped me was I stopped reading what other people thought in the comments, and then I just stopped re-watching my lectures. So when I adapted the one and done, what that did was I just let it go and then I just moved on.

Because I was made to promise not to turn this into a business there was a part of me that was free to remain detached. Not necessarily emotionally because you know I'm a member of humanity, I have a vested interest in this, I'm a parent, I have a vested interest in this but it wasn't about selling products, t-shirts, hats coffee cups, it wasn't about any of that.

It was just about my job, to share the information and once I shared it I could move on and I would do that year after year and not even think about it. And you know I just found it interesting that about four years ago all of the information that I had been sharing suddenly was becoming relevant and it was only then that I realized that we were way ahead of our time with the information and the things we were sharing. You know a year and a half ago I was ready to just say 'I'm done', you know. I'm just done, no moss no more and then you know some people suggested that I do a webinar.

I had no idea if it would work, no idea at all and I didn't even know if the information would be relevant because you know I wasn't following it. I wasn't tracking anything and you know here we are. Now it's like, I feel like the information is fully in the game.

Everything that's going on around us, the deep state the regressive aliens, the underground bases, the moon and mars all of that has now come into play. The Anunnaki, all the things that we've talked about over the years or I've talked about over the years, it's now suddenly all in play and it's amazing and it's gratifying after all this time begin to see things being validated. I'm sure you've had these in your most quiet moments you're like what am I doing here? where am I actually going with this? is humanity even ready to hear this? and I think enough people are, that it's triggered, it's triggered the awakening, and when you see that the universe is now with its actions supporting the awakening, supporting the evolution of humanity and maybe in shifts, in frequency and dimensions. Yeah, that gets me really excited when god is directly involved and you can see it, I get really excited about that because we're so much more than we've been led to believe. You know me as well as every one we're all so much more and um you know we deserve to know about all that.

Michael: Well I know you've done an incredible amount of work over the years to educate people on many of those topics that you mentioned, but one of the things that I remember early on was you referring to humanity as genetic royalty. You know because a lot of people were talking about humanity as being exploited and created by different E.T races as slave workers and so forth, but your perspective from the Andromedans was that, no, no, our genetic royalty, that somehow this hodgepodge of different E.T races and you were the first to talk about twenty-two different E.T races making up our genetic background our history that actually gives us some unique abilities to manifest a higher consciousness that you talked about as the Paa Tal so you know, why is that relevant today?

Alex: Well that's a great question thank you. The twenty-two different races have themselves remarkable histories and stories to tell and because of the different frequencies and genetic background this allowed higher dimensional spirits, souls, to actually come in and incarnate into our physicality.

Now it has always been that there was this rule you could not intervene unless directly asked, well by keeping us blind deaf and stupid we didn't know to ask, we would ask creator but you know many of our concepts about what God actually is and what it represents they've been altered as well so we didn't have a clear perspective about pretty much anything. But the fact that we were this vast genetic pool, this allowed spiritual soul beings, soul groups from fourth dimension fifth dimension sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth and eleventh to actually fall down into time and incarnate into human physicality because of the genetics all the different genetics.

This allowed them to come in and function, and to the degree where the souls could attach to the nervous system in our bodies. It will be shown in the future when our junk DNA gets turned on which is where all of our cellular memories are stored including our history, the history of the soul, all of that is stored in our junk DNA. When those get turned on what we're going to realize is that we are a race of avatars, we're a race of avatars, we have the knowledge, we have the experience of virtually all of our universal experience on all the dimensions and one of the things that just came out or a couple years back in Switzerland is this program called the blue brain project, where they were able to combine several different pieces of technology and what they have been able to do is truly map the brain. One of the things that they discovered Michael was that out of all the people that they were able to test this on, this technology, every single one of us had multi-dimensional structures in our brain going from fourth all the way to 11 and what's amazing is that these multi-dimensional structures when they were turned on, they could see activity which means that whether we're aware of it or not, our experience is being communicated to other soul groups in other dimensions so we're live, everybody's watching this movement. As insignificant as this might seem to those of us here or those who are not awake what happens here greatly affects not only fourth and fifth dimension Michael but it affects the entire universe, the entire universe, and we are square in the middle of it which why you probably remember this expression that the A's said, that many of us had to come back in time to right a terrible wrong. That's because in at some point in the past we tried to make this jump and we weren't able to do it, and the only piece to that not happening is because they weren't able to merge the two timelines. The last two timelines they weren't able to merge them, so it didn't click, it didn't happen so they whatever they did, they now came back, many of us have agreed to come back and now we're on a single timeline and that single timeline is taking us to where we need to be. One of the proofs of that is the fact that most people or as for everyone that I know of anyway they are no longer having Deja Vous and the reason we were having Deja Vu is because we were jumping our consciousness was jumping from two different timelines so we might relive something here and then it would happen here and we'd have the Deja Vous. Well no one's having Deja Vous anymore okay because we're on a single timeline everything on this timeline we are creating here and now from this moment on forward for the first time and we're also getting all of this assistance from the universe, from many different extraterrestrial races, benevolent races and the regressives they are running and ducking for cover but there's nowhere for them to go.

They simply cannot escape the fact that the universe is raising its entire frequency, fifth will move to six, six wwill move to to seven, seventh move to eight we're gonna go from four, we're gonna go from three, well we're almost, we're actually part of many of us consciously are already in fourth going to fourth and then to fifth and in fact the earth herself has a placeholder there waiting for her to make the jump.

I don't have a timeline and I wouldn't trust the A's with their timing because you know they don't know how to tell time in our reality. They're really good about the facts but they just can't tell time and most of the other races have a difficult time with it because this is not a timeline, this is event based reality that we're creating so it happens when it happens.

Michael: So this single timeline that we're on now that's very different and I'm assuming you're talking about Atlantis, that Atlantis couldn't work it out that they had the two timelines and at the end the whole thing fell apart and and many-

Alex: It was loaded on top of each other the timelines imploded on top of each other

Michael: And many of us are kind of like the returning Atlanteans or starseeds that are here this time around to help, to help the transition from 3d to 4d and so forth. Move forward smoothly, so what do you think is is happening right now that has made this single timeline possible?. You talk about the defeat of the regressives, the deep state falling apart and I guess we're still in the middle of it, we are watching in many places all these things that are being done to people and you know we want to avoid the the buzz words here but you know clearly people are struggling against the mandatory things that the governments want to put into them. So that's kind of looking like more and more like it's going to become a revolution, and there's been a few predictions saying that we are going to be experiencing a global revolution by 2024. So is this what you what you're seeing, this single timeline that we're kind of like moving towards something incredible as a result of all the darkness that is playing out but it's not going to win?

Alex: Technically they've already lost, we're just literally playing out all the agendas that they had put into motion and as these agendas become uncovered of what their true intent was and everybody sees it for what it really was, it falls away it just goes away because no one is using their consciousness or intention or emotion feeding any more of that agenda. We're like, 'no', we don't we're not doing this and it goes away okay. You see that's one of the tricks that they used against us. They realized that on an energetic level, in a consciousness level, we're creators, we are big time creators and if we focus on something that's where the energy goes and all they had to do was to keep us focused on an agenda and even though we didn't realize what it was, as long as we believed it was true it would take us there we would we would create it and manifest it physically.

All they had to do was sit there and wait for it to physically manifest and then take control of that, and then they would control us with those agendas. So as we start to wake up and we begin to see what these agendas were all about and the true intent which was to control and manipulate humanity, we withdraw our energy and our consciousness, our focus on it, it'll collapse all by itself because we're no longer feeding it. Now what's happening is that we're turning our focus away from all of that and for really the first time, we're thinking about creating a reality that we want.

Something that's genuine, something that's fully integrated with not only the god presence but with the rest of the universe and the galaxy, and you know on an intuitive level we know these answers because Michael, there's not a single soul on this planet that was born and hatched here. We've all come from some other place, we all have cellular memory of other existences and other realities, so we know and as the human resonance and other frequencies you know hit our DNA and our DNA expands its frequency range, at some point it's going to reach a point, a peak, where in order to hold the light our DNA is going to start flipping switches which means we're going to turn on a third strand, a fourth strand, a fifth strand and when that happens we now have direct access to what they call junk DNA and all that knowledge all those memories all these abilities that we had before we fell into time here on earth will come back to us.

I personally think that's going to start happening before 2024 and the reason I say that is that there are people who have had near-death experiences that have been dead several hours but when they come back Michael they come back with a third strand of DNA, some of the fourth. There's a guy in Australia who has six strands when he woke up in the morgue, he had six strands turned on so this is happening, there's no way this is not happening so it's an amazing time for humanity we just have got to stop fighting with each other and understand that we literally are a family that every single one of us regardless of where we are consciously.

We all have a role to play here in this leap of humanity from last to first um and the reason I say first is because of the different soul groups that are here and the level of consciousness and awareness they came in with all of that is going to become part of our human terran genome. All future generations are going to have this in their DNA they're going to have not only the experiences that we as souls have when we came in but through this process of awakening and turning on our DNA, to at some point 12 strands, all future generations are going to have this knowledge. That separates us, that separates us. You know it's not to say we're any better it's just that we're very different in that we're going to have the cellular memory the awareness of not just one dimension but all of the dimensions, so in essence so in essence we all become Paa Tal.

Michael: That's the amazing thing here that you know what, we're in the midst of here as a planet as a civilization is that all of these forces that are playing out are awakening people very very rapidly and you know we've never seen so many people just say the power word which is just 'no'. So many people now are saying no. No to what the different policies they're trying to push onto people and people are waking up and they're saying no and that more than anything really destroys the dark agenda because their secret has always been to one, you know first say what they're going to do and then do it but in a way that people just don't realise that it's being done to them. Well now you know they announce what they're going to do and now all of a sudden everyone is screaming saying, look what they're doing, look what they're doing, say no and people are saying no and I think this is this is the remarkable thing that there's the awakening. The question I have for you is what role has the Andromedans played in this kind of awakening because they seem to be a group that operate almost mysteriously, they're not very overt they operate behind the scenes they kind of set things up so what have they done to bring about this awakening?

Alex: Okay well before I address that, you know isn't it interesting that everybody is beginning to say no and you know anyone who's a parent, typically the first word a child learns is no because their parents are telling them no don't touch that, no don't do that, no leave that alone, hot no touch you know and here humanity is finally circling back and we're like you know, no. We're not putting up with this so I think it's really interesting that that's usually the first word that a child learns is no. As far as the A's you know they're they're involved in so many ways with so many races and you know they almost act as if they're shy, it's like they don't necessarily want to be in the forefront they would much prefer the Pleiadians or ah Cygnus Alpha, they would much prefer many of the other races be up front and that they you know kind of sit in the background and observe and mentor other races and share the mentoring that they get from other higher dimensional realms as well. So what they do is they push forward that that knowledge not only to their own but to other races and I've talked about this in the past it's called the law of consistency, where everything that they are and they know, they share with everyone so that everyone is exactly in the same place. Consciously everybody is on the same page, no one's left behind, no information is withheld from other races unless they're specifically regressive and they know the information will be abused. Then there is literally no communication, but you know what they do is they it's almost as if they do the logistical planning of strategies and that seems to be a role that they're very very comfortable with and it's been a role that they've they've had for quite some time not only on fifth but also on sixth and seventh you know the conscious physical life forms on those dimensions they do exactly the same thing a very similar thing.

So for example the plan to capture the Orion group and some of the reptilian ships that came from a mentor, an Andromeda mentoring group on sixth and the plan was that they what they did was they mapped out going back 1500 years all the places all the movements of the Orion group and then what they did was they took those years and they mapped out every single location and then what they decided to do was okay we're going to enlist third, fourth, fifth density space star nations and what they did was they put someone at every single one of those locations and there were over 50 thousand very specific locations in our area of the galaxy, and what they did was they had people waiting there, past, present, and future. Okay so they had people waiting in the past in the present and in the future and then what they did was they did something to trigger a response so that the Orion group would move, and that's exactly what happened, they moved and many of them were captured. Now I know Elena said that there were they got at least nine, that number has gone up now significantly it's just that we didn't know because the information and the intel is slow and being dispersed. But they got most of them they got the ones that they wanted, especially those that are connected to the Orion A.I. network they got those beings and they knew who they were they had been tracking them for some time so it's things like this where they will present the plan and then they will allow others to carry it out. You know it's almost as if look you can have the glory we just want the end result, that's all we're interested in and that's pretty much how they've operated for quite some time. It's just who they are, it's just who they are and you know and I'm grateful they're you know they're not looking to be. You know the other star nations acknowledge their expertise you know but they're not looking to be on on the tonight show or anything like that and saying hey you know we're so great, but they really prefer to work in the background quiet, methodically, but just you know make sure things get done and you know we have to remember that the reason they came back to earth is because in the future, tyranny shows up in fifth density and they triggered and they mapped all that out and they and it came from our solar system. So once they were able to to map that out it was very easy to go to the other races and say look, in the future this is going to affect all of us but if we can do this strategy now it ends here, and the galaxy will remain free for hundreds of thousands of years without incident and everybody was on board with that, and why wouldn't they be you know?

Michael: So that's a very important point right there that you said that the Andromedans detected was I think 350 years into the future that there would be this tyranny, this galactic wide tyranny and so they advised the other star nations and got them to come up with intervention strategies to deal with these different intervention points that you identified you know all of those thousands of intervention points in the past present and future to kind of like flush out the greys, flush out the Orions the reptilians and just like undermine their agenda for this future galactic tyranny so that you know. So one of these examples of that was this uh I guess what you're saying this the capture that Elena talked about, the capture of those nine grey or those Orion leaders the same leaders that were involved in the meetings with President Eisenhower that that led to the agreements with the majestic 12 group that that same group were captured in stasis chambers and now being well I don't know if interrogation is the right word but but certainly they're being studied then and whatever higher consciousness that they are a part of is being investigated or hacked into. So yeah so in that particular point you know the the Orions, I mean the operation of a hive consciousness that they are part of is that something that is hackable I mean that was something Elena was saying the galactic federation is doing so is that is that hackable?

Alex: Yes, yes it is but you need their genome in order to do it. There were 19 total that have specific access to that, and I'm not at liberty to say how many they have captured, I know it's it's in the hundreds but the specific ones that whose genome they needed in order to get into that Orion A.I. system that creates this hive mentality this this enslavement this conscious enslavement, there are techniques and I'm and and understanding is is that there are beings on the sixth density that know exactly how to do this and either they're going to directly be involved and do it themselves, or they're going to teach specific races in fifth how to do this with their oversight, essentially what they do is they use their consciousness to go into this network where they can give it a virus for lack of a better word and literally cause it to implode and erase itself and then it's gone forever and once that's gone it also frees most of the Orion system from the same enslavement, many of them are acting on direct impulse they're not consciously making the decisions themselves. They think they are but they're not, so this would shut this down and for all intents and purposes it would wake up and raise the consciousness of the Orion system so that it could participate in the same conscious shift that the rest of the galaxy is experiencing. So they have a very specific strategy on how to do this, and you know the guys on sixth seventh and eighth and ninth I mean they're they're really, they're sharp, these entities are really sharp, they really really get it they truly understand the holograph more than we could even comprehend at this moment and then you know that's what the universe is it's a hologram. So they they obviously get it and they understand that you know it could be that and actually Moranay suggested this, it could very well be that before those who were Paa Tal on the eleventh decided to come to earth and incarnate here that they left instructions of what to do in the event of they in fact got trapped here themselves. He has suggested that, so that means that the A's are talking about that and you know what's interesting and I've shared this with you just the other day, everybody is checking each other's work the A's are checking the Pleiadians, the Pleiadians are working with Cygnus Alpha checking their work, this Sirius A someone's checking their work everybody is checking each other's work so no one is actually working fully independent everybody is working together in a very coordinated effort to make sure that at the very end of this operation the result we all want comes to pass, it manifests physically spiritually on all the dimensional levels. It's extraordinary I mean you know people don't realize how much really goes into this and I think they're going to be very blown away at some point in the future when they realize everything that went into freeing our tiny little planet. You know it isn't insignificant at all, it plays a very very major role in the future history and the future of our galaxy because of the soul groups that are here, the knowledge and the wisdom of the soul groups that chose to incarnate to help make this happen. I don't know how to explain it any simpler than that, I realise that that it's complicated, and you know it's like you know, it's thinking that's way over here out of the box, I get that but you know just imagine you know you meet someone for the first time and you know you know them you know you them. After 15 minutes you feel like you've known them your whole life, well that's a member of your soul group you know it's not an accident so or you'll dream about somebody that you meet and several years down the road you do meet them, you know and you form this bond, this friendship sometimes you even marry, you know it's all very--- there are no accidents everything somehow some way is connected it's just that we don't always know how to put the pieces together because of our our limited view of how things work, but those are all things that future generations our children's children's children will know, you know but right now our role here on earth those of us who are that listen to you and follow your great work and Elena Danaan and Laura Eisenhower and so many of the other folks that are out there, ladies and gentlemen we are forefathers and foremothers of a new humanity, of an awakening humanity that is our role at this moment and our role is to do everything we can to not only support this movement but to do everything we can to make sure that everyone, all the generations behind us get the information, get the education and that the things that need to be recorded are recorded so that for future generations they understand what happened here and why it needed to happen, it's just extraordinary.

Michael: I wanted to get your advice on, or your opinion on the information that we've been getting from Elena and others that the moon and mars and other planetoids have been liberated from the regressive extraterrestrials the Orions the draconians that they were liberated and that that the earth is now going through a similar liberation process, so what information do you have because there has been some controversy over whether or not you know Mars and the moon have been liberated?

Alex: Yeah and I know where that controversy is coming from, and it's my understanding that that particular source is no longer having contact or having information, getting information, but let me just say this they were there were specific groups that were allowed to leave earth, to escape earth, so they thought that they were going to escape and they were going to go to Mars and be okay and regroup there. That was all allowed to happen intentionally so that they would leave and no longer harm humanity. So the idea was okay, let's let them leave and we'll capture them there, we'll let them think that they're getting out of here. That was all done intentionally so that they could get away and they would stop harming humanity, stop doing what they were doing to the children underground, they were being given an out so they thought. Well they walked right into a trap, so yes, our solar system has been liberated and it isn't just those planets there's many moons, our solar system has been liberated, and no one is getting out of here that's done the things that they've done to humanity and other star nations as well, no one's getting away no one's walking scot-free everyone is going to be held accountable and they are being held accountable. There's one ship that's hiding inside of a very large ocean, underground ocean on Triton that has an Orion group and it also has I believe it's 80 something Ciakar on it, they hid there hoping that at some point they would be able to move somewhere else but they're not going anywhere so they're stuck they're not going anywhere.

Michael: Is that titan the moon of Saturn or Triton the moon of I think Uranus or --

Alex: Uranus, no it's Neptune!, it's Neptune yeah it's Neptune, that's where it is. They jumped there but those on sixth density knew already they they already had positioned people there so that if they did pop in there all they had to do was physically manifest come out of the dimensional space and say okay you're done you know you're caught and that's exactly what they did. So our our entire solar system has been liberated, there is no more rift rafts here and spaceships, mother ships you know they are now free to pass earth without having to close their windows and lock the doors (laughing). Honey get the kids in the car quick, roll lock the door for passing earth they don't have to do that now.

Michael: I always remember that incident you described when you were on the Andromeda mothership and some of the Andromedan kids came by and they kind of like were very frightened of you because earth had such a terrible reputation

Alex: Oh my god, yes. Yes. A perpetual war zone. Yeah. Perpetual war zone so....

Michael: So what's happening on Ganymede because Elena has said that she's gone to Ganymede I think twice now. The first time she met with the intergalactic confederation and and the second time she met with the council of nine if I'm correct if there were two visits. Do you know what do you know of those two groups, the intergalactic confederation and the council of nine what do you know of them?

Alex: I don't know that much, she's really the authority on that. Ganymede has always been a meeting place, the surface and the interior of the of of the moon technically, it's a planet, were designed for such meetings and to be an essentially a galactic embassy okay where all people of all races could go. On the surface they have these incredible structures that almost look like huge dinosaur rib cages but I mean they're absolutely massive and the ships would come in and land on the surface and they would move into these structures and then once they were in the structures they could turn on their electromagnetic field on the outside of the ship and they could open up the craft and the crews could get out and walk on the surface of Ganymede within it. You remember Richard Hogan talking about edens? these dome structures that they would terraform and these are what people would live extraterrestrial races and they would take, they would literally make these along the way so that they could work on a planet explore it, mine it whatever it was that they were going to do well this is essentially the same thing except these structures exist there for the motherships, the starships to create the field themselves and they have them all over the surface there's a very large ocean on the inside, its core and there are other structures on the inside that are for specific races that have to be hyperborean, they have to be indoors they they can't handle our particular sun's light in any way so they would go inside the planet itself. I have only been passed Ganymede which is why I know about the structures on the surface I have not been there you know Elena's the expert on that at this particular point. But there is an awful lot going on there, I think at any one given time there's sixty to seventy star nations present at all times so it's busy. You know I wanted to get the parking concession there so I could I can learn to you know fly all the different ships and and learn to park them in the atmosphere I that would have been an awesome experience.

Michael: Right, so Elena has talked a lot about the Galactic Federation of worlds and their relationship with the Andromeda Council where the relationship is one of like the and the council is more or less like mentoring the galactic federation and advising them on on you know certain things that need to be done and so you know again what do you know of the galactic federation and of some of Elena's contacts like she's mentioned beings like Thorhan, Annax, Commander Adana what do you know do you know anything of any of these beings?

Alex: The A's, Moranay is only referred to in talking about groups, he refers to it as an alliance. I know that the federation is out there maybe it's a coalition of different star nations, but he's always referred to all of them as an alliance. I do know that these are real beings, they do exist, and I also know that the work that they perform along with other star nations all of that work is being not only monitored but also being checked that other star nations have representatives on these boats, these ships and they're monitoring everything that's being done and everyone is sharing communication so that everyone is on the exact same page, no one's rogue, no one's going to do something because they think it's a good idea, everything is checked, everything is cleared, everything is done in coordination, with the entire focus on the end result which is completely liberating all of the developing civilizations in our galaxy and freeing us of not only the Archon Orion A.I system but giving everyone here their free will back. Returning their free will, and along with their returning comes an education as to true galactic history who they are why they're on that planet who they are on a soul level and you know there's a lot involved with that, because most of these underdeveloped or evolving civilizations have been so manipulated and taken advantage of and frankly Michael it had never should have gotten this far in my opinion, there should have been intervention a long time ago. But you know, now it's happening, now it's here and I think they need to revise their and frankly they're going to have these discussions, they're going to revise their idea of non-intervention, that they're going to reset protocols because I think they realize you know, we wouldn't have known this was happening until it affected us in other dimensional realms, so it never should have gotten that far from what I understand because the Orion group and others were real shifty, they were really really sly in the way they operated. They operated between the spaces so it would not draw real attention to it, to what they were doing and that's just not going to happen again, that's not going to happen again, you know maybe they taught our CIA how to do stuff

Michael: yeah I'm sure that they taught uh the CIA and the Mossad had a lot of dirty tricks

Alex: Yeah, yeah because you know they've learned to work in the spaces in between to remain hidden and manipulate so yeah.

Michael: One of the things one of the things that I'm particularly interested in is is the whole idea of a star trek future and that there has been this kind of realisation amongst leading earth nations or with the western bloc in particular to start working together, and I think there's many reasons for that why they're choosing a star trek future but you know what what intrigues me is is the idea that, you know the idea that star trek itself was something that was seeded in the past as you know not just a cute idea that could be marketed for the film and television industry, but in fact that star trek as it was originally presented by Gene Roddenberry was connected to this future that we're moving towards where we are going to be joining the galactic federation working with groups like the Andromeda council so, you know what do you know of that?, Gene Roddenberry and the star trek is that all just kind of like creative fiction or or is this part of this kind of multi-pronged plan that the Andromeda Council hatched and has been working with different E.T. groups to to manifest?

Alex: Well the the the Andromeda Council weren't the only ones they worked with other groups, so they would not take sole credit for any of this that's number one. Number two if you will go back to 1954 when the first meetings happened with Eisenhower at Murdoch Air Force Base now known as Edwards and he walked away and said no I'm not going to do this and then MJ12 literally forged his signature and created this this this nightmare if you will recall there were others who said that our military had been warned prior to this meeting not to do this. That there was another group that had approached our military first and some of those were from the Pleiades. Well I want you to look at the idea that that particular group never terminated its relationship with some of our military personnel. Now all we hear about is the Orion group and the treaty and it being broken right away, you know we hear we hear the negative story, what we don't hear anything about is that there were military personnel there who knew this was an absolutely terrible idea. There was no way that this group was ever going to stay with the treaty terms or conditions because they were thousands of years technologically more advanced than, us we had no way no way to implement restrictions against them so it was a trap, but there was a group in our military that wanted the technology and what they got was their throwaway stuff, they got the Orion groups trash, that's what we got but you know that was four or five hundred years more advanced than what we were using but nonetheless it was trash to them but there were other members that were part of that group that moved away and continued to maintain a a positive relationship with others. We don't hear about that and we will at some point in the future hear about that, that other races were interacting Val Thor from Venus and others that was the positive piece we hear about Val but we don't hear about the other races that were also involved so there was this, there was always this white hat element that clung to the ideas okay, we have to figure out a way to undo this or we're all screwed and so that's been going on in the background the whole time and there's been an exchange of information, there's been an exchange of knowledge there's been an exchange of of strategic moves and ways to do things that would not draw attention to work in a positive benevolent way in between the spaces so that you could hide what you were doing from the regressives, who their whole focus was of course control and domination, but you know they had they had areas of their vision that they were blind as well and those were used in order for the white hats to set up where we are today. Where we are today. So as as soon as the Orion group implemented their plan, benevolence also set up another plan but they didn't overtly interact with anyone except very specific people that they knew and had a relationship with and trusted, so they were working as well with us with our militaries and then our militaries were talking to other militaries about ways to not only push back but to limit the speed in which the Orion group was rolling out their control and domination in creating the matrix, literally entrapping all of us so they had a way to slow it down and then at some point we began to position ourselves, the white hats in many ways, to position themselves that at one point there would be this moment where every system that the what that they that the regressives had would be vulnerable with one specific chess move, one strategic move would take down everything that they had done and they were planning for this moment and Michael we're living in that moment, right now we are living in that moment. Where everything that they built the entire matrix is now collapsing because of a very specific strategic move that the white hats with the help of benevolence were waiting for and this way there's no third world war, fourth world war, there isn't any of that, there isn't an intentional pole shift, throwing an asteroid at the planet, there is no real genuine biological attack on humanity, none of those things are happening because of the ability of the white hats to position themselves for this strategic moment and we are now living in that moment and those are things that have been discussed. We've had that conversation offline before.

Michael: So we really are kind of like moving into this positive timeline

Alex: We are definitely on it

Michael: We are on it, those that talk about the negative timeline you know whether it's a pulse shift, solar flash event some set of catastrophic events that decimate humanity those things are not going to happen because this positive timeline is something that is essentially we've all agreed at an unconscious level to move forward collectively in this way and that this is something that the Andromedans and the other positive extraterrestrial groups have worked with the earth alliance, the positive military to to bring this moment about and so we we're just kind of watching it all unfold now.

Alex: Yeah that's exactly right and while we're watching it unfold we are going through shifts internally as well and along with those shifts come the ability to see through the matrix through the illusion that had been created all around us as to who and what we really are. You know there are several people that are talking about sighting Niburi having already passed through us and they make reference to a video which I can send to you that was taken in July of 2009 of a series of planets orbiting our sun and they're not any of ours and what's missing in that picture is of course the dwarf star and the fact that they were all sitting around our sun, you know that's not how Nibiru comes through our system it approaches underneath us through the south and then what it does is it comes up on the other side of the sun and then it moves through us and passes out of our solar system north of us, above us, so those planets would never be orbiting our sun, ever. So that's a mistake presently Nibiru, that entire solar system is sitting outside our solar system, it's parked and they can do that. I mean these are all, you know the technologies just to control planets to change their orbits and do all of that so it's sitting there and it's not going to come through here and and devastate humanity, none of that's going to happen. This is going to happen, this is absolutely going to happen, and you know we don't have to be afraid, what we have to do is embrace the change and you know some people are afraid of change but you know this is what it is, I mean every day is not the same every day changes. Your life changes even in little minuscule ways but it's never the same day after day after day something's always different, so that's where humanity has to do we have to just we have to realize that we're all in this together we're all going to evolve together and move through this process together and on the other end of this you know we're all going to be best friends. Humanity will become a family because we've just been through something absolutely extraordinary and we're the ones that are doing it, you know we're the ones who are doing it and have done it.

Michael: So earlier I mentioned 2024 as you know a possible date for a global revolution but you think it's going to happen a lot sooner than that so?

Alex: It's happening now okay, it's happening now. You know in July of next year, some time in the first three weeks of July next year we will get hit with the light from that supernova in Cygnus Alpha that exploded in the early 1600s. Okay now the gamma rays have started to come but gamma rays travel you know twice the speed of light so we're beginning to get those now but the light itself will come through sometime in the first three weeks of 2022 and my understanding is that band of light as it moves through our solar system, we will not have a night time for three days you know not enough people are actually talking about that in my opinion, so you know maybe that's what everybody's referring to as the flash of light that turns everybody beyond?, I I don't know, but I know that's coming and you know that's July of next year is when that light passes through our solar system.

Michael: So between now and July I mean because a lot of people are suffering you know in some very challenging circumstances, so they're looking forward towards something to hope for, so you know are we looking say July when things are really going to start opening up where all of a sudden it's clear that the deep state the dark forces have been defeated and it's like you know we are now moving into some something really wonderful?

Alex: Well things are already turning, things are already turning, we just don't see enough of it manifesting on the surface just yet it's still all behind the scenes it's very strategic, you know humanity is sitting on the g waiting on the o and you know, we're all ready, we're all ready for some change and Michael it's coming, it's just I know it's hard to wait you know we're all trying to figure out how to pay our bills, how to buy groceries. Good lord the price of food, you know there's just so many things, if you have a foreign car and it breaks down you don't know if you're going to get parts for it, you know because none of them are coming from overseas anymore so it's a real challenge for all of us. This is where this is where humanity has to step forward and you know whenever there's a disaster somewhere that tends to be where humanity is at its best, people come out of the woodwork to help each other well, this is one of those situations except it's not a physical disaster it's an emotional disaster, it's a spiritual disaster, because you know these dark hats you know they put in motion this program to eliminate huge portions of the population on this planet. That was intentional, and that's all of us you know, that ain't white black green yellow, that's everybody they didn't care it was numbers, we want to take out all but 500 million that's all of us. Well guess what, we're all on the same team now, okay, we are all on the same team we all need to be on the same side at this point, you know this this this nonsense this racial nonsense it is absolute rubbish you know we have got to put all that programming aside and realize we are one race, one family, that's just what it is and you know what that's how they see us out there they don't look at us and say he's an African American, he's an Armenian he's a Russian, they never look at us that way they look at us and see humanity that's what they see. We're the only ones who don't see it. It's so frustrating you know that's why a lot of times I'm like I'm up there and I'm like guys I'm good, I'll just go back with you I don't need to come back there's nothing here I need and they're like, no you can't do that, I'm like why not, I'm good I'm ready to go. You know because you know when I'm with them I see this shit really clear and then you come back and it's just like you know you try to tell people in your and you're yelling into the wind because no one wants to hear it or they haven't wanted to hear it.

Michael: Well maybe this will be one of those issues that helps unify humanity once they understand the big picture that there's this exopolitical element to our lives, all of these different races out there some very benevolent others very oppressive and so many others that are just kind of watching and observing that once people start to appreciate all of that is real maybe they can jump out of that kind of like you know that you know the narcissism of minor differences that Carl Jung talked about and and appreciate that yeah we are all one humanity.

Alex: Well I gotta, I hope so I mean you know when things continue to unfold the way they are and at some point in the next two years you know 95% of the population's awake, I would hope they would get it otherwise you know their I.Q, is that of a dinner plate and I don't know what you do with that, you know I mean what do you do with that? So I don't know, I hope so I mean you know all these resources from the galaxy are here to assist us, there's obviously a reason there's obviously some value to us, that they would expend all these resources to assist us.

Michael: Well we've been going for just over an hour so I did want to kind of keep it to that so where can people find out more about your webinars and if they wanted to ask you questions where do they go?

Alex: We do this little webinar um we do two webinars and then a q&a every month you can go to and I occasionally do some I do some sessions one-on-one and they're always almost always q&a where you know because we never get through all the questions so some people are sometimes interested in and just you know one-on-one rapid-fire questions. So there's you know I've tried to make myself more accessible, I haven't been in the past and you know there was a very good reason for that I was just tired of all the bullshit so, and now you'll know, we've all been there so you know if you're interested that's where it is, if not there's many great people just you know follow Michael Salla he's the guy, he is the guy and you're going to be so important, all these things that you do Michael are going to become historical documents. You need to know that.

Michael: Well thank you Alex that's I know, you know you've been doing this for thirty years and you know I look in awe and listen to your lectures from 1993 1994 occasionally I know you've been putting them out on your youtube channel and it's just like wow you were talking about all this stuff then and here we are you know it's like as though it's as though it's new but you're you're discussing it then so I I'm just in awe of the information you were talking about since then that you've stayed in this field for thirty years that's that's quite an amazing achievement and and now I really look forward to you know you being honoured for the work that you've done in awakening humanity it's been awesome and I think, yeah people are gonna really appreciate the body of work that you've put out and uh know I'm happy that I've been able to make a contribution to that.

Alex: Oh your contribution is more significant than you know and what you do from this point on will be absolutely remarkable. You know thank you for those kind words I really am not looking to be honoured, I just want everybody to get it so that I can I can step away and you know go live in a little cabin on a lake somewhere and just learn how to relax again (laughing) you know, I want to hear my own frequency that's what I want. Well michael thank you it's been wonderful and um please give all my love to Angelica.

Michael: Okay thank you, thank you, that was alex collier the legend and so I'm very glad to have him and hopefully he'll be able to hopefully he'll come back again aloha.

Alex: Aloha take, care bye-bye