Alex Collier at the Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2021 August 26-29
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Emcee : Okay we'll buckle up we're here to learn about what's real in the world and Alex Collier is one who can deliver he's in the front lines he's behind the scenes he's done his homework so get your notebooks out and with no further ado we bring you the Andromedan King [Applause]

Alex: There's no kings there's no kings.

Hi everyone thank you so much. I haven't done one of these in many many years and I want to thank all of you for coming and supporting all the speakers and everybody that's here. It's just a gorgeous place. For those of you who've been sitting outside of the table with me for two hours you've probably heard all this already, so we'll do our best to keep it interesting. My name is Alex Collier I have been speaking for 30 years. I started in 1991 talking about stuff and then we were known as crackpots, kooks, conspiracy theorists. Today now that there's a huge awakening amongst the people of planet earth, we are spoiler alert, 'specialists'. Okay. It's been a remarkable journey. Many of you who have had your own journeys as well, with your your own exploration your own insights, your own epiphanies, dealing with your family as you would change and you would explore these different things and your family would move further and further apart from you because it wasn't mainstream or they just simply weren't ready to go there.

But it's remarkable the change that we see in the world today, and if you're hearing me for the first time there's a lot of information on the internet, there's a lot of videos. You can go to if you would like and we have done everything we could to save all the videos before they were deleted by youtube and it's just it's been a remarkable journey. Many of us have, especially those of us who are on the front lines or the 'old timers', the 'vintage' speakers, it's been it's been quite the journey, so. What i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about what's going on right now because that's relevant.

What happened to me in the past, that information is all available online, but there is amazing promise and hope to be had with the world, and I want you to understand that even though we're learning about extraterrestrials, even though we're realizing they're admitting for the first time that we're not alone even though incredible technology is going to be unveiled that has been reverse engineered or has been found or uncovered that is thousands and thousands of years old, none of this really has anything to do with the e.t.'s. This is all about us, it's all about humanity.

Now, we have been in a war, most of us don't know anything about it. All we know is the governmental structures, the religions and the other type of structures that have been created through royalties, royal families, governments, the vatican, principalities etc.

What we're not aware of is the war that's been going on underground, in the sky. You're going to find it's eminent the information is of course coming out, and what's remarkable is that the entire galaxy is here to support us, they really are. [audience applause]

So the best kept secret on this planet isn't them, it's about who we are. So i'm going to give you a little bit of background before we get into the current intel.

We are the sum total of 22 different extraterrestrial races. Extraterrestrial races that have been here for hundreds of thousands of years who have interbred with humanity and left offspring. Now that's the physical. The soul aspect, the spiritual aspect of who we are is even more enlightening and even more amazing. So i'm going to start with something that I want you all to begin to research when you can, it's called the Blue Brain project in Switzerland.

They have combined many different types of technologies and what they have done is they have essentially created a type of MRI that can scan the entire brain and I mean all of the intricate structures of the brain itself. What they have discovered is that some of us have in our brains fourth, fifth, sixth-dimensional structures already in our brain. Now think about that. There are other people that they have done the same thing with that have seven, eight, nine-dimensional structures in their brain, some have 10 and 11 dimensional structures already in your brain.

Now you're a third density physicality and yet in your brain you have multiple dimensional structures. Now another best kept secret is that many children many children are being born with a third strand of DNA. Another incredible secret is that many people who have had near death experiences are coming back and when they come back they have three, four, and five strands of DNA.

There is a guy in Australia who was dead an hour and 45 minutes and he woke up in the morgue and when they did an examination of him he had six strands of DNA. We're talking about one of us. So, nothing we've been taught about ourselves is true. We haven't been told anything about who we really are.

Now let's talk about the brain structures. What is the body? The body is a physical form which is imprinted with a holograph of the soul. When the soul attaches to the body at conception it creates a holograph, that holograph is who you are. You are remarkable spiritual beings who have been stuck in a really bad system, okay and everybody's beginning to wake up to it. We're seeing a lot of contrast, we're all seeing now what we don't want. That's one thing, but the work is what do you want? that's the real work now.

You don't want this, you don't want new world order, you don't want medical mafia, overreaching governments, socialism, communism, you don't want any of that stuff, you have got to decide what it is you want and you have to begin focusing on that, because you're the creators. You are.

We can't create dimensions but we can create realities. You have to know that you can create whatever it is you want. This is how we have been used and enslaved with belief systems that have limited our thinking. If you were to remove all of the technology we use today on the planet and just look at the psychology of civilization in most cases we're still stuck in the medieval ages. The way we think, the way we treat each other, the way we look at each other, the way we have governmental structures and other types of structures that control and manipulate humanity that's all been done on purpose to keep us down to keep it suppressed, to keep us divided.

Again this is all about humanity. For those of you who are following the schumann resonance this schumann resonance for 10 000 years they say was 7.85 Hz, it is now between 23 Hz and 28 Hz. That's the new normal. It is not unrealistic that we have spikes of up over two hundred, two hundred megahertz. Now every time that happens what's happening is your DNA which is an antenna, is beginning to expand and then it contracts and every time we hit these peaks and we hit these plateaus of human resonance what's going on is that your DNA is expanding and contracting and what it's learning is to hold more light it's holding more light and the more light you hold the more pressure it puts onto your DNA in order to expand do you understand in order to keep you in the body the DNA has to expand to hold the light, to hold the frequency.

So all of you are ascending whether you realize it or not. Even if you don't believe it your body is going to go there, because the earth is going there she's expanding, she's getting bigger, she's not collapsing. She is in fact growing to hold a larger population, she's not done with us, we're not the enemy, we're not the virus, okay. The virus were non-terrestrial beings and if you know anything about my work then you know what's going on there.

So where are we today?. If you can look at what's happening on the planet as a chess game, a multi-dimensional chess game, you have third density, fourth density, fifth density, now we have a sixth-dimensional component in this chess game, and we are down to the last four moves for the freedom of humanity. Four moves, that's all that's left. Now the dark side which doesn't want to move, they don't want to use their last really one move, they really have left, so what they're doing is they're creating havoc. Covid, Afghanistan and other false flags that we're going to see happening here very very shortly, they're going to create chaos and pandemonium, and the reason for that is they're trying to delay having to make a move.

Well the benevolence which involves white hat, humans and off planet benevolent star nations they are forcing the moves now. They want this whole thing done and resolved by December, on our clock. [applause] Yeah it's really, it's awesome. Now I have to caution you, it's going to get wild it's going to get really wild and it's going to get down and dirty, you know the controllers of this planet which have had control of it for over ten thousand years, they have nowhere to go. Literally when they're removed from power here they will no longer exist. There is there are no plans to imprison, it's terminate and they absolutely deserve it.

Now the big shift came sometime last year, as you are well aware of the child trafficking and everything that goes along with that, the souls coming into this planet now are incredibly evolved souls. I mean they're avatars, their job is to come in and take humanity to the next level so that in the next hundred years the planet is a galactic part of the galactic community that we will be living star wars, a benevolent star wars and traversing not only our own solar system but the galaxy as a whole, that's the plan. In 25 years we won't even recognize this planet, that's how fast things can change. Now in order to make that happen humanity has to step up and what I mean by that is that we have got to self-empower ourselves, and by backing up, backing up, backing up, to fake pandemics, to horrible untested technology, of allowing the media to consistently just lie about everything and us not push back, that's a real issue, we have to start standing up for ourselves, we have to keep defending each other and we certainly must defend our freedoms, because if if we fall, this will set the planet back by hundreds and hundreds of years and we're still gonna have to deal with these assholes, okay and everybody's done everybody's really pretty much done.

You know there have been many of us talking about the reptilian races and the greys and the orion group, it's been a very very tough road and it's time for them to go. Humanity deserves an opportunity to evolve, to become what it should be. Every single one of you ladies and gentlemen regardless of your race, your creed, your physicality, every single one of you on a soul level, you're not from here. The science proves it, the fact that you have multi-dimensional structures in your brain which is your soul imprint, your holograph on the physical body, that should tell you everything. You're obviously not from here because if you were it would only be 3d and you're not, none of you, are none of you are. Many of us are part of soul groups, soul groups they came from different star nations different parts of the galaxy maybe even other galaxies to come here and to assist in the evolution of not just the earth but third density itself in our galaxy.

Remember everything that we see even though we see solid is a holograph, and it's a tough thing for a lot of people to grasp but if you take any physical form, anything on this planet and put it under a micro electron microscope all you're going to see is light, there is no solidity, it's all light and what created that is intent. Intent creates a gravity wave, a gravity wave then creates DNA, you literally pull it to you out of the ethers. This has all been proven in physics, in fact they've been able to move DNA from one place to another and in the process of it moving it literally disappears, it goes to another dimension and then comes back. That's you, that's who you are. You're already these things, you just have to know it. You just have to explore it, you just have to begin the process of knowing that there is so much more to you than you can possibly imagine. You are so incredible that there are at least 138 star nations here assisting in this rescue. They're everywhere, they're all over the sun, they're all over our solar system, it's just remarkable the assistance that we have and even if you don't believe in e.t's, that's okay, it isn't going to matter in a few years anyway, you'll know for a fact okay. I mean that's why we have a star force, okay all that technology has been reverse engineered from you know a craft that have been retrieved or given as a gift or found buried, whether it was in Antarctica or in the sands of the Sahara they have found stuff everywhere. The stories about the giants, the nephilim, they're extraterrestrial hybrids. The pyramids, all of them on this planet including those at the bottom of the oceans, we didn't build those, we can't even do it today okay and we damn sure didn't build the ones on mars or the moon.

You know the egyptians didn't take the hebrews up there and say okay guys go to work, it didn't happen, it would be fun if it did but it just didn't happen so, you know a lot of the history that we have learned has been just ridiculous. I would suggest that if you're interested in a lot of the history I would start with the Book of Enoch, the Book of Enoch and i'm not referring to the book by J.J Hurtak, I am referring to the Book of Enoch that the Catholic church removed from the bible in 1611.

That basically tells you about the spiritual structures that are on the planet it, gives you the history of the Anunnaki, the Nephilim, the fallen angels, all of it including some of the extraterrestrial technology that humanity was using. Now the Sumerians wrote all about this and we're told it's fantasy, it's absolute history. The Chaldeans a lot of which we don't have because it's all been hidden, the Chaldeans talk about walking with these groups inviting these extraterrestrial groups to sit in with them when they were passing laws when they were writing edicts when they were creating community sustainable programs, all these things that we do today have been around for 25000, 35000 years, it's just that what happens is when humanity gets to a place we're ready to break free from the controllers they do something, and what they do is they hit us with fear. They will create a scenario which puts us into a space of fear and what that does is that it drops our frequencies back down and any system, any structure anywhere that is made in fear is in perpetual disintegration, it will never survive, so we can't do that.

This is humanities shot to make this thing work, and all it takes is for you guys to want it. Now I know we're looking at the news and we're seeing the insanity, whatever the media, this is my opinion, whatever the media tells you, flip it in reverse, okay and that will be the truth.

In order to take back our power and to understand who we are it's going to require a little bit of research, and what's important is that when you have the time whether it's through videos or you you know you buy some books, you do the research or our white papers understand this, this again is about us, you all of you at this moment even those who aren't here who were just out there doing the research at home on the internet, we are all right now for fathers and for mothers of a new earth, of a human civilization that is changing and evolving [Applause] and as forefathers and foremothers we have a responsibility to make sure that we do everything possible to pass the baton to a fully informed generations behind us. Okay this is called the law of consistency and in star nations all of the citizens of these star nations the children learn exactly what the adults learn. It doesn't matter whether they can comprehend it or not they are told and taught everything so there is no loss of knowledge, so that the children when they reach adulthood are already smarter and more informed than their parents the reason for this is because they're the ones who inherit. They would never dumb down their populations because they understand what that means, that means you hit a wall that means you're susceptible to making mistakes, that means that you're susceptible to intentionally breaking down your own civilization. They understand the importance of not ever doing that.

They also understand the importance of the soul, your relationship with creator, with god, is your own personal relationship. There are no in betweens, there are no emissaries, it's between you and source. Now a lot of people have a hard time with that, they did thirty years ago, but I once asked Vasais ok, who is it that we're supposed to become? and you know because I was having a really hard time integrating all this information, I didn't know how to present it you know. I mean I couldn't talk about it with my own family they're you know, they're like they look at you like you're nuts right yeah. So I mean we've all been there and Vasais who was the older of the two Andromedans said 'to become independent and free. To unconditionally be responsible for oneself without being coerced by some higher authority', in other words you were born a leader, you were born with everything that you need, you were created with everything you need and that is in fact who you are, irregardless of what your belief systems are.

Now humanity has been conditioned to be manipulated, by fear, and it's been an incredibly effective tool and the a's once said that you know if you are in fear then you clearly do not understand the situation you're in, and if we realize that there is approximately 7.8 billion of us and two and a half million of them, why is it that we're afraid? who exactly are we afraid of? and why are we afraid of them? it's all been conditioning. It is not important who you were any longer, it doesn't matter the mistakes you made, forgive and forget. What matters is who are you becoming?, because that's what you're creating now. if you were all still stuck in the past thinking about what we've been told, what we think we believe, who everybody told us we are, then that's what we're going to create in the future. None of that is going to survive the changes that are coming, this is all about vibration and frequency now, and in order to get there, we just have to let go. We just have to surrender all the garbage to god and then just concentrate and focus on what it is that you want, and only you know that. We don't all want to have to have the same thing, that's not even important okay, what's important is that your consciousness moves into the future and you start creating the future, not from lack, not from fear, not from anger, but from a place of love because it begins and it ends with that it always has and it always will.

The reptilians and the other regressive extraterrestrial groups who have imprisoned humanity, they have created a trap for themselves. In becoming our jailers and being so focused on suppressing and enslaving us they in fact have created their own prison, because now that's how they identify with themselves, as our jailers, and the only way that they can free themselves from that dynamic that they created from themselves is to let us go, and when they let us go they're removed from the equation permanently.

So this is why we're seeing all this insanity on the surface, do you understand what i'm saying? yeah, they have to let us go but they don't know what to do because this is all they know now. I mean it's been tens of thousands of years. This this insanity of all of humanity so we don't know our history it's a lot of it's been suppressed, much of it's being resurrected, disclosed, discovered, people are coming forward who have very specific information that they've received from either other extraterrestrial groups or military intel groups or white hat groups or rogue archaeologists all of this information is coming out. Now what's really important here is that you understand the information it's not necessarily that you have to know all of it but, what's important is that we know the direction we're going, that's the important thing. Now the e.t's the benevolence are here to assist but they are not here to rule they are not here to be gods or to be worshipped, and this is important, this is really important, this is all about us, they need humanity to self-empower itself and only you guys can do that. Only I can do that, I can only empower myself, I can encourage you you can encourage me we can encourage each other we can watch each other's back we can do all the things that we need to do, but ultimately each one of us has to take the steps ourselves forward.

This is not an easy thing and i'm not trying to simplify it as much as I am trying to simplify it, because it's complicated you know we're talking about you know 10 000 or more years of history and genetic memory that each one of us has. But the ultimate goal here is the freedom and liberation of humanity on this planet, and now the earth herself is heading towards fifth density, she will migrate through fourth into fifth. On a consciousness level many of you in this audience are already in fourth density you're already beginning to see you're beginning to see the structures you're beginning to actually see it collapse you are seeing the programming that's been in effect for quite some time you understand what's going on you understand the structure and that's a huge part of this, is understanding the structure as we begin to see the structures collapse which has already begun. It's important to understand that on a local level everything has to be rebuilt, and I mean that on a local level, it has to start in our neighborhoods, and it isn't time to go out and and shout you know into the wind hey you know the sky is falling because it's not, but what we are going to see and what is in fact happening is that all of these structures which were created to enslave and suppress humanity that were all created in fear, they're all collapsing and they're going to collapse and we have to let them collapse because they don't serve anybody the only structure in the United States that actually supports and does anything is the post office, that might be the only thing that survives everything, the collapse is the post office you know wrap your head around that, it was the first thing that they built here created in this country when they formed our government the republic and it may be the last thing standing, it's the damn post office. It actually provides a real service you know, and in fact in the old days the post office is where everyone would go to have meetings, to listen to lectures and to vote and I don't know if you're aware of this but the new voting system that's connected to the [speakers to someone off camera] what's it called, blockchain is patented by the post office, yeah yeah the post office owns the blockchain voting system so we're going back to the beginning. Now what's important about that as well is that we all have to be involved, okay when we go back to common law which is what this is all going to represent, the people are the power. Now what that means is you have to be involved you have to teach your children to be involved to be informed we cannot abdicate or give our power away to professional politicians or this shit will happen all over again because ultimately when when that kind of power and wealth is put in the hands of idiots they're going to abuse it, and we can't do that again we simply cannot allow this to occur.

Now while all of this is going on and we are rebuilding across the planet we are going to be learning things not only about the history of the planet herself but also our solar system, we're also going to be learning about the extraterrestrial heritage that we all have had and still have. Now there is going to be a period of time when everything is in the regrowth stage where the e.t's will be seen in the sky they're going to be up there in their ships there will be communication there might be some teachings but they're going to sit back and they're going to watch us, they want to know who we're going to be when we're not being manipulated.

Now how they do that is they watch our chains of thoughts. It's one thing to be loving but what is it that you're thinking what is it that you're creating, what is it that you want as a civilization? and what I mean by that will we come together voluntarily, will we watch each other's back?, will we drop all the racist ridiculous nonsense and bullshit and come together as one family because ultimately that's exactly how they see us, as a family, that's how they see their own civilizations as a family, they all have each other's back, so they're going to put this squarely on us there will not be any excuses after they have freed us.

Now I personally think we're up for the challenge, I really do. I think there's enough of really smart people and there's some incredibly bright young people not only in this room but on this planet who really know their shit and you know they're going to be the leaders and those of us who are the forefathers and foremothers it's our job to do whatever we can to support that and to prep everything for the next few generations to take over. The next few generations will be space faring. Rhey will go to the stars, they will participate in a in a ceremony. When a new planet is invited and asked to join galactic federations and or councils to become part of the galactic community, one of the things that they do and they will do this in several different parts of the galaxy is they will introduce the planet and the race or solar system to the other races. It's a formality okay, this happens to everyone, and we will not be an exception we will have to go through this.

So for us here on earth what they will do is they will take representatives from every country, they will take members of the animal kingdom the sea kingdom the insect kingdom the wildlife kingdom of everything and what they will do is they will take us and transport us in starships to a place where they will in fact hold these ceremonies and the planet earth and its representatives with all of its life forms at least several representations will be paraded and and introduced to these other star nations. This process can take up to a year and then everyone is brought back. Now what you're going to find out in this process or what the kids, our kids are going to find out in this process is that many of the life forms we have here they already exist in other star planets and other solar systems, many of them were brought here and what happens was they would alter their dna in order to see if they could survive in this ecosystem, earth is a very complex ecosystem and a lot of that work was done on uranus and on neptune. Now isn't it interesting that these are two water planets that are at the edge of our solar system and that water's never frozen in fact seasonally you can see green algae growing on neptune, okay our satellites have seen this and you know NASA just doesn't know what to say so they say nothing they just in fact ignore it, so there is life everywhere.

A very famous place if you listen to Brian just before me or Brad rather, Mr Heller, where a lot of vts meet to have their conferences here in our solar system is ganymede, the A's have been coming and going from ganymede quite a bit, all of the star nations that they use ganymede it's specifically built or has structures on it to house many different types of life forms and they have conferences they have rooms conference rooms, structures inside the planet, where they have like suites where you may have a specific civilization that's aquatic, you may have a civilization that is methane, they live in a methane type of environment those who are oxygen those who are other gases which we don't even have on this planet, they have these rooms that are specifically built so they can go in and they can participate and they are in a natural habitat. On the surface of the planet of ganymede they have these enormous structures and what they do is they park their ships underneath these structures and then they flip a switch and literally a shield forms around the starships and it doesn't matter how big it is as long as it's not bigger than the planet and what it does is it creates an environmental structure inside their ships so they can move outside their ships work on their ships and or just walk around the surface, it's remarkable, it's absolutely remarkable and our space fleet knows all about this, and hopefully they're going to be the first ones to tell everybody what's going on and they should be. Those of us who have carried water that's basically what we were supposed to do was just carry the water until the big guns come out and say hey guys here's the deal and that's what we're all waiting for.

Now a lot of the things that have been going on off planet let me just share with you regarding the war. There have been a dark force and a light force, now we all know many of us know about the nazis and their ability with their Vril machines and so on and so forth, they have played both sides against the middle they have always played both sides against the middle but they were given an ultimatum not only by the white hats but by the star nations themselves and rumor has it they have flipped, they're now on the side of humanity because they realize they have nowhere else to go they have to stop f**king around, okay. Now out there in space we have a light space force and a dark space force. The dark space force has done some horrible things, they have trafficked humans in off-world, they have traffic children, they have been manufacturing alien weapons and some of these space programs and on some moons in the asteroid belt, they have been mass producing these using slave labor and then selling them off world to pirates and bandits. It's almost like star wars literally except we're the ones doing it and the representation of humans out there hasn't been all that positive at least terrans those of us on earth however, most star nations realize that it isn't us we know nothing about this it's a very very small group. Now I was on Moranay's ship when they found three bodies floating in space. Now these were super soldiers and Moranay's ship and his crew retrieved these three bodies. What they did was they took these space bodies. they took these human beings from earth they put them on this bed that they have it's like a platform and then what they do is they scan their DNA they have a holographic camera i've talked about this for years and what it does is it takes a picture of them and what it does is it can go back from present time the moment they captured them to conception and then what that shows them is their journey, who they are where they were raised, it tells them any physical abnormalities that they had it shows them everything. Well two of the gentlemen had Aldebaran Pleiadian genetics in them they were hybrided but they were hybrided with Pleiadians the other one had been hybrided with reptilian genes. So what you hear in the super soldier programs about the hybridisation and and you know adding extraterrestrial genetics is absolutely true.

Now that is not what's going on with the vax or the jab I guess we can't say vax right? with the jab i did yeah, with the jab that's not what's going on with that. Because you are the sum total of 22 different extraterrestrial races you are in fact genetic royalty, every single one of you, you're genetic royalty, what they're trying to do is destroy that with the vaxs which is why they want everyone on the planet to get it. The mrna is to rewrite your genetic code, okay and I don't know if you're aware of this but in 2013 the supreme court agreed that if a pharmaceutical company puts something in your body that rewrites your genetic code your body is therefore patented, you belong, your body belongs to someone else, that was in 2013 that's very easy to find. So that's who we're dealing with, so we cannot take any steps backwards anymore we simply can't do it we have got to start marching arm and arm forward and just say enough is enough. Let's see what else, what else did I talk about at the table? - we were sitting outside for two hours and I just - oh Moranay's ship. Many of the extraterrestrial craft that we're going to see were built in another dimension, they weren't built in third density.

So when they come into our atmosphere or into third density and they project themselves physically, they can literally dictate the amount of space they want to show you. They could, I mean their ships the size of the United States, there are ships the size of planet earth and some even bigger, all right, but what they do is they come in and they'll just give you a small imprint because every time they come into third density and they manifest themselves they create a portal, so when they leave they want that portal to close so they do their best to make sure that it's small. Now on the inside when you see a craft which is let's say 35, 35 feet in diameter, on the inside it could have 15 floors, it can have hangers it could have hospital beds it could be the size of Pennsylvania on the inside. Now we can't do that here in third density, our stuff has to be big, okay, we have to build it big but they don't necessarily have to, and all of their ships are organic, they're grown and that's a technology that we're learning here as well. There are metals that are being made in these special access programs that are self-healing, they literally can heal themselves.

This is technology that's been reverse engineered from some of the crashes that happen here not only that but the ships themselves and we were talking about this today are med beds they keep the crew alive. They keep them from aging because it's alive it puts out a frequency, it provides everything that they need on a harmonic level. So when you're jumping dimensions when you're jumping ecosystems or planetary systems, your ship is in fact your home. Okay when they make these ships - i'll give you an example of Moranay's ship, when they were building his craft when they were growing it, there was a point where he had to go and they put him on this platform and he had to stand there like this and they would drop his ship down to him. Then what they would do is they would put a beam of frequency through his body into the hull of the ship.

Now the ship knows him, okay his frequency is now one with the ship it's literally a physical extension of himself, then they would bring his crew and do exactly the same thing. So the ship would always know the crew you could not in any way ever get inside one of these things unless the ship knew your frequency, which is why we have ships in storage we can't get into and if you heard about the ship in Afghanistan in the cave and all the soldiers that went to try to to get to it to try to open it where they disappear that's a safety mechanism that the ship has because the ship's alive.

Okay the ship's alive, so I had to tell you that in order to tell you this. So I had an opportunity to fly his ship, I asked, I begged actually, to try to fly his ship. I wanted to fly a starship so after wearing him down for years he was like 'Okay'. Moranay has learned to speak, he's not strictly telepathic except with his crew. So I sat down and I put my hands on it on a table there's really nothing there there's no buttons there's no monitors or anything because the ships are steered and driven by thought. So I put my hands on there he took his hands off me and the ship went [Alex moves his hand around erratically] it started acting up and I hear Moranay say 'Well it doesn't know you'. So the ship was reacting to me because it didn't know me because I put myself in the command seat, so what he did then was he put his hand on my shoulder and the ship stopped misbehaving just like that because it knows him.

In the future our cars will be the same way our flying cars will be the same way, you see our homes will be the same way we will grow our own homes and our own homes will be med beds. See our bodies as they are now if they weren't screwed with we should be living 240 years instead of 74,72,75. You know we can get a lot of things done in 240 years we can visit all the places we ever wanted to go right? yep listen to all the music watch all the television shows we ever wanted to watch we would have time to do all that.

Yes ma'am [inaudable question from audience member]

Alex : That's a very good question. She wanted to know if our homes and our cars and things are alive, do they have consciousness or is it just a symbiotic relationship?. It is in fact both, the ships have a specific level of artificial intelligence to it but it doesn't make decisions it only follows direction.

[inaudable follow up question about med beds] I genuinely cannot answer that question because I don't know, I don't everything okay and i'm so sorry about that you know my fuzzy head would explode if I knew everything. So, well that's the rumor, that's the rumor yeah that they've been locked up and i'm I hear that they're out and they're being distributed. I have not seen one I don't know anyone who's actually used one, you know there's a lot of things on the internet that say 'yeah they're using it on the kids and veterans'. I don't know that for a fact I wish I did, I do know they exist, I know the A's have them and they're not the only ones, in fact most ships that do long distance star travel they all have the med beds because things happen and they want to repair their crew and themselves and the ship itself does exactly what the med bed does. There is no limit to what is possible, absolutely no limit folks, you just have to believe it and you absolutely have to know what it is you want. That's the most important thing right now, what is it that you want? and begin to move towards it, don't look back don't listen to the insanity that they want us to think, you know all the fear porn that they're creating move towards what you want and know that it's there for you.

Do I have to stop?, I have two minutes any questions any more questions anybody?

[Inaudable audience question] There are people that say yes but I don't know where that information comes, she wanted to know if the med beds can cure the damage done by the vaxxers and things like that. I don't know, I hear they can I don't know for a fact because I haven't seen a med bed and I don't know anybody who's used one. Yes ma'am? [Inaudable question about the reset]

Yes there is going to be a reset ladies and gentlemen I know there's all kinds of talk about it, it absolutely has to happen and this next system that we're going to have will be the last financial system the earth is going to use and it may be in existence 15 years and then we move out of a monetary system completely but there is going to be and i'll tell you why. The system that we've been living under the fiat the central banking system is an absolute travesty was set up to enslave and in order to get these technologies out of these labs and these special access projects and black project is you have to control the money and that's why the system this whole system of of switching over the monetary system to something of real genuine value is in fact going to occur. In fact I don't know if you've been reading Iraqi newspapers? they're revaluing their currency and it's a gold standard, Russia's already on a gold standard, China is moving to a gold standard everybody's going to a gold standard the United States as well we have a USN and I will tell you this straight away.

Ten years ago a group of us had a bunch of dinar and dong we put all this money together and we pulled it together with a bunch of other groups that money is sitting on a pallet in a bank vault in Miami Florida, a Wells Fargo we have a contract with treasury and it's to be paid in USN, United States Note which is gold this was 10 years ago i'm telling you gospel we have it, we have a pay master we're just waiting for them to release it so it's going to come. It has to, the system we have now is so completely corrupt that it just has to go away and this system that's coming it will only be for a transitional period until we learn how to live without a monetary system because no one else uses a monetary system, it's a basically a barter system. You supply this we supply that, okay it's even stephen you walk away contract's done everybody's happy.

[Inaudable audience question] Well it may be, I mean when it happens it happens. I can't imagine it's going to happen okay with Biden in office frankly here in the United States.

[Emcee getting Alex's attention] What?, I don't want to stop [lauging] [audience applause]

Emcee : That's right bringing it to you [applause]. We say thank you and when I say king, the king of the Andromeda, the king means royalty it means wisdom keeper

Alex : that's all of us here

Emcee :A nd we are all that but but yet you have that way of just bringing us the truth with deep appreciation do we not? [applause] All right so i'm just gonna take a breath because that was amazing

Alex : i'm sorry it took so long for me to warm up

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