The printed version of Letters From Andromeda was started by Alex and Jon with the first released in November 1995 with the last edition in May 1997. This was at a time before the internet was as ubiquitous as it is now and information was distributed via print and VHS tapes.

The LFA site has undergone many changes over the years, and after a long haitus, is now back to help spread the information Alex has presented in the past, and which is now in the public domain.

Why is it called Letters From Andromeda?

During Alex's physical contact, Morenay tried talking to Alex for the first time (and demonstrate his language skills learning english) and said 'another letter', trying to convey he had another message for Alex. This is how the name was born, representing messages from our galactic family.

Moving Forward

As this site has re-launched we plan to put systems in place to help expand the library of information presented. This will of course take time.